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Frequently asked questions

Where do you design and produce your furniture?

We design and produce our furniture in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. It allows us to provide original designs with maximum quality control and optimized energy consumption and waste management. Pompous Fox's uniqe, state-of-the-art design studio and wood shop was established in 2019.

Do you work with interior designers, architects or decorators?

We love working with interior designers and others within the trade - in fact it is the majority of our work. We love the amazing custom designs that have come through our shop.

We offer a 10% discount on our labour costs to all companies within the trade.

Is it possible to visit your shop and meet the team?

We would love to meet you and show off our space. Send us a message or schedule a visit! By appointment only.

Does the furniture come assembled?

Due to the size of most of our work, it generally needs to be transported in pieces. If we are able to deliver the piece, we will assemble on site. For pieces that require shipment, white glove assembly may be available in your location (see shipping for more information).

What maintenance advice do you have?

We recommend cleaning our products with no more than a damp rag. With the finishes we use, 99% of spills or messes will simply wipe right off. Always do your best to wipe liquid spills as soon as possible.

Over time, the finish may dull and you might want to refinish it. With the finishes we use, it is usually as simple as buffing on a new top coat. Please contact us when you would like to do this so we can recommend the exact product needed for your piece.

Great consideration has gone into our furniture designs to reduce the affects of warping, real wood products are hygroscopic in nature; they will readily absorb and expel moisture from the atmosphere. Ambient changes in temperature and humidity can cause expansion or contraction in wood products. We recommend to maintain a constant 35% - 45% interior humidity level to avoid any unwanted changes in the wood that could lead to cracking, splintering, warping and/or other defects.

What guarantees do you have on your products?

We offer a Limited Time Warranty.

What is your return policy?

Because our furniture is made-to-order, we do not accept returns. Learn more here.

How much does shipping cost?

When possible, we always like to deliver the products ourselves. It allows us to ensure proper handling of the product, assembly in the home and we get to see our clients in person. 

Our standard delivery rate when we are able to perform delivery ourselves is as follows: $150 plus $1.95/km from our shop location to the delivery address (one way).

When the distance is too far for us to deliver ourselves, we use a white glove delivery service. The items are carefully crated and picked up from our shop and delivered to the destination. In some cases, we can also offer white glove assembly. There is no standard rate for shipping, each situation is different.

How soon will I get my order?

We are generally booked out at least 3 months in advance. Project order is based on the order in which we receive the deposit. We can never give an exact finish date as custom furniture is an art - we never truly know how long it may take us to finish. We will notify you when we are about to begin your project.

I need my order faster than 3 months. Is it possible to expedite?

It is possible! We offer expedited production for a fee, depending on how busy we are. Please send us an email with the details of what you’d like to order, and how soon you need it.

Do you offer hardwood?

We have access to just about any wood you can imagine. In our aim to ensure high quality, we only use hardwoods. To ensure sustainability, we like to use domestic wood species that can be sourced in Ontario.

We are a proud partner of Ontario Wood - meaning the majority of our work is created using Ontario sourced wood products.

Can you incorporate materials other than wood into a project?

Yes - our owner, Adam, has an extensive background working with many materials. If we are unable to complete the task ourselves, we are able to work with one of our many partners to get the job done.

Examples of other materials are metals, glass, stone, electronics and more.

Can you create 3D/Revit models?

Yes! Adam is an engineer by trade and has extensive experience creating models and drawings. Whether we are starting from scratch with a whole new design or simply creating shop drawings, we have the ability. For Revit, we can provide the following formats: DWG, DXF, SKP and SAT.

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