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Our Sustainability Practices

We strive for “zero-waste” and repurposing waste we may produce. Our hardwood off-cuts that are large enough for potential use are kept. These will get used in one of two ways - either in another custom furniture piece or in one of our smaller pieces such as the SKODI bowls. Smaller off-cuts are used for fire - either to heat houses in the winter or for summer camp fires.

Finishing is often the most environmentally impactful part of woodworking. We do not use any spray finishes in our shop. We use a completely VOC-free hard-wax finishes which are hand-rubbed. The hard-wax oils that we use are 100% plant-based causing zero impact on the environment. For the odd piece that requires a colour finish that cannot be accomplished with our standard finishes, we use a plant-based VOC-free water based stain and clear coat that is hand-rubbed. Lastly, for any pieces that are painted, we utilize a professional finishing company that utilizes the latest technologies to reduce their environmental impact.

We source all of our hardwood lumber from a supplier network within Ontario and use woods that have been sourced within the Ontario Lumber Industry. For this, we are a proud member of Ontario Wood. For those woods that cannot be sourced within Ontario (i.e. exotic woods), our suppliers ensure that all woods are sourced sustainably. The amazing part about hardwoods, is that they are great for carbon capture. Pulling carbon from the atmosphere and holding it within the wood. This wood is then used in our furniture and that carbon remains there.

Running a furniture shop requires a good amount of electricity. We are proud to be a part of the province of Ontario that produces 92% of electricity using zero carbon sources - nuclear, hydro, solar and wind. The remaining 8% include natural gas and biomass which are generally only used during peak usage hours in the summer.

Pompous Fox Wood Company Inc.  Small Business Practices

Mass produced furniture often is not actually less expensive when you factor in the global cost to humans and the environment. Consumers are bombarded with opportunities to purchase cheap furniture manufactured by companies built on underpaid, overseas human labor and environmental degradation. The material generally used is cheap veneers, made in North America, shipped overseas as raw material and shipped back as furniture - the environmental impact from this alone is horrendous. We even see these business practices with “luxury” furniture brands that portray high end furniture but often the final product does not meet our high standards. Often, these pieces end up in a landfill and need to be replaced within a few years of use.

When you buy solid wood furniture from local furniture makers, you are paying up front for the actual cost it takes to produce hand crafted, hardwood furniture of this quality. Our furniture is fabricated from locally sourced materials, by hand, using skilled labor. We pride ourselves on providing jobs for woodworkers in the community while producing a high end product that is designed and built to last for years to come.

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