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Pompous Fox Wood Company Inc. requires a 50% non-refundable deposit (or stated agreement) at the time of signing this contract. Any change orders are subject to a $50 processing fee. Cost of changes will be added to the final balance. The remaining balance will be due within 14 days of receiving the final invoice. Any payment due that is not received with 14 days after becoming due shall bear interest at the highest rate per month allowed by law. In the event Pompous Fox Wood Company Inc. shall be required to institute legal proceedings for recovery of any payments, the purchaser shall pay all costs incurred by Pompous Fox Wood co inc.


Method of delivery shall be agreed upon prior to delivery. Upon request of delivery, Pompous Fox Wood Company Inc. will provide curbside delivery only. any action whereby a member of business willfully helps move item into dwelling is acting on good faith and is not liable for any damages. Any discrepancy of product shall be addressed at point of delivery. Pompous Fox Wood Company Inc. relinquishes responsibility there after.


Pompous Fox Wood Company Inc. is not to be held liable for damages on agreed install. All items for installation are based on standard home guide sizing. Home owner will not be refunded if he/she has not specified building material that may inherently affect the installed product functionality.


Pompous Fox Wood Company Inc. strives to perform all deliveries when possible. This ensures a safe delivery and proper install. A standard rate is charged for all deliveries performed by Pompous Fox Wood Company Inc. - $150 + $1.95/km between our business location and delivery location.

In the case delivery distance is further than what is reasonable for Pompous Fox Wood Company Inc. to complete, quoting for white glove delivery will be provided.

Design accuracy

Pompous Fox Wood Company Inc. reserves the right for measurement accuracy +/- 5cm of specified invoiced dimensions & to alter product design to improve structural stability or for any unforeseen issues.

Wood movement

Great consideration has gone into our furniture designs to reduce the affects of warping, real wood products are hygroscopic in nature; they will readily absorb and expel moisture from the atmosphere. Ambient changes in temperature and humidity can cause expansion or contraction in wood products. these dimensional changes may result in cracking, splintering, warping and/or other defects; all of which are considered an intrinsic risk of wood products and are not claimable defects. Pompous Fox Wood Company Inc. requires all clients to maintain a constant 35%-45% interior humidity level to avoid deformation of products. Pompous Fox Wood Company Inc. is not liable for any deformations while in the clients possession.


Pompous Fox Wood Company inc is not liable for shade and or colour variances due to the nature of natural wood. Rubio monocoat or osmo stains are standard. Stain samples will be provided upon client request prior to starting the project. colour variances of any form is not a claimable defect. custom stain matches are not guaranteed without a stain number.

Table spotting

Once item is in client possession, Pomous Fox Wood Company Inc. is not liable for any spotting or staining that may occour as a side-affect from uv staining, sun fade, chemical cleaning, or any other adverse external factors.

General warranty

Pompous Fox will cover any structural issues that arise within one year of delivery. any structural issue caused via misuse or improper care will not be covered.

During the limited warranty period, Pompous Fox Wood Company Inc. will repair or replace, at no charge, products or parts of a product that proves to be defective at no cost.

Return policy

As all orders are made to order and/or custom, Pompous Fox Wood Company Inc. does not accept returns.


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