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Pompous Fox Wood Co

Pompous Fox Wood Company Inc. is a one-man furniture studio located in Barrie, Ontario. Founded in 2019 by Adam, the focus is to bring one-of-a-kind, modern furniture to your home or business.
Adam Bezzina
Adam's passion for wood working started when he young, growing up helping his grandfather, Charlie, in his wood shop. Since then, Adam has had a successful 9 year career as an engineer while making furniture as a hobby. Leaving his engineering career behind, Adam now uses his technical design skills and love of working with his hands to pursue his true life passion - fine woodworking and furniture.
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The Craftsman
It all started after buying his first house, Adam could not find any furniture that met his needs. That is where his passion for wood working reignited and he began building furniture for his own house. Adam quickly fell in love with the fine woodworking and precision required to build functional works of art. That is when Pompous Fox was created.

Pompous Fox began in a one-car garage where Adam developed his skills as a wood worker. Adam continuously pushed this company to grow moving from that garage to a self-built shop in his backyard. Now in a 2,000 square foot shop, Adam has expanded the business with better equipment to accommodate larger scale projects focusing on modern and contemporary pieces that elevate any space. He loves developing custom designs for clients and put that love into designing his own line of furniture.

In his free time, Adam enjoys back country camping, hiking and exploring the mountains which has inspired a great appreciation for nature. This respect for the natural world is why sustainability is an important aspect of the business model. By creating high quality, solid wood furniture that will be passed down through generations, he contributes to a less wasteful and more sustainable future.

Adam's mission is to build custom pieces of modern functional art while ensuring top notch quality. 
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